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All devices that produce heat have this problem. Imagine the fibbers and dust particles that are pulled in to the said device cooling system like skin, fabric and dust particles which become statically charged and clinging to the fan and heat sink to the point of air closure; then the thermal paste bakes out. If this occurs you will find your device will become sluggish at first and applications may start hanging and finally freezing, in a consoles case it will be the light of death no matter the colour.

Just £25.00 for a P+P Service on any Device

Over Heating Issues & Services

Laptop Fan & Heat Sink

Laptop Fan & Heath Sink

Xbox One Heat Sink & Fan

Xbox One Fan and Heat Sink

We Use Arctic MX2 Thermal Paste, The Best That Money Can Buy

Arctic Thermal Paste

Blue Screen of Death

Blue Screen of Death

Particle services are extremely important part of maintenance for all PC's / Game Consoles and should be carried out annually or your machine could be at risk to thermal issues that can course freezing, hanging and even CPU, GPU or APU failure.